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AI Cloud Engine (ACE)
Façade Platform
How does it work?
ACE - Façade utilises an AI-powered cloud platform to effectively maintain your building's performance, streamlining your building management process and enhancing sustainability.
Supercharge your Façade Inspection Process with these ACE - Façade Features
AI-powered Defect Detection & Analytics
Automated Data Processing & Calibration
Big Data Predictive Analytics
Visual & Thermal Data Comparison
More Features
Building Façade Performance Dashboard

Intutive visualisation, analysis and display of data, allow users to monitor buildings, see trends, make decision.

3D Photogrammetry Model

Visualization of buiding status and make measurement on model.

Auto-generated Survey Standard Façade Inspection PDF Report
  1. Deliver overall façade safety level and detail information of building status for better and sustainable building management.
  2. Effective way to share and collaborate.
  3. Definitions of technical terms included in report for better understandings.
Add-on Endorsement Service

Our chartered building engineer/building surveyor examines the AI inspection including the following

  1. Visual and thermal image record of the inspected area,
  2. Analysis and evaluation of the collected data.
Property Metadata Storage & Management

Basic building information, drawings and documents saved in unified & well-structured BMS system. Allow user to input and review for cross-team collaboration.

API Usage

More flexible use of data. Manage data from separate system. Allow data transfer from/to other platforms.

GIS Integration

Visualize data with location-base to user, allow them to monitor buildings, see trends, make decision and navigate.

3D BIM Model Integration

Visualization of façade navigation in a 3D way. Intuitive visualisation, analysis ad display of data, allow users to monitor buildings, see trends, make decision.

Trusted by Different Stakeholders
Property Owners

Make predictions about potential defects developing on buildings via our platform with big data predictive analytics solution. Property owners can reduce the cost of building maintenance.

Facility Management Company

Smooth and efficient building operations via our platform with intuitive visualisation, analysis and display of data. Facility Management Company can make fast and informed decisions.

Consultant Company

Our automated data collection, automated data post-processing and AI-powered defect detection & analysis solutions can reduce labour and time cost for the consultant company.

Construction Company

With intuitive visualisation, analysis ad display of defects on our platform, contractors can deliver a smooth and efficient building quality assurance process.

Case Studies
New Built

Reduces operation time by 50% for a new residential building handover inspection.



Residential Building

Reduces inspection cost by 50% for a private residential property enables more frequent inspection and proactive maintenance.

Commercial Building

The sustainability of the built infrastructure sector is enhanced using autonomous inspection to ensure a safer inspection operation.

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