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Frequently Asked Questions
How is RaSpect's AI building inspection different?

Buildings are traditionally surveyed by human experts using visual inspection and infrared thermography. Raspect uses autonomous drones to collect the visual and thermal images of the building facades. Instead of detecting building defects manually by human experts, Raspect uses trained AI models to automatically detect building defects.

Does RaSpect carry out building inspection as required by the Hong Kong's Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS)?

Hong Kong government promulgated the MBIS scheme in 2012 to require buildings to carry out condition survey at periodic intervals depending on their age. While RaSpect follows the MBIS guidelines, it carries out the survey of the external building facade. To complete the MBIS requirement, the condition of the interior of the building along with fire safety equipment, plumbing and drainage, unauthorised building elements must be carried out.

How does RaSpect's AI predictive inspection contribute to sutainability?

By making the inspection of built infrastructure such as buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels etc. more efficient, autonomous and safer, sustainability can be enhanced in two ways. Firstly, the process of AI inspection and defect detection itself has a lower carbon footprint than the traditional process. Secondly, by proactively inspecting and addressing defects and faults, the service life of assets can be lengthened and their operations more efficient. Both of these have a significant impact on carbon footprint and sustainability.

Does RaSpect offer its products and services outside Hong Kong?

Currently, RaSpect offers its products and services in Hong Kong only but is in the process of expanding overseas.

What are some of the future products being planned by RaSpect?

RaSpect is busy developing products and services for all categories of built infrastructure ranging from buildings, roads, tunnels, dams, slopes, towers etc. It is also developing IoT sensor-based monitoring of building services such as energy consumption, HVAC, elevator/escalator, water supply etc. Get in touch with us for more information. 

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